avatar halloween costumes the greatest costume idea for next halloween

Which person on this planet would not have heard about Avatar, the movie which was nominated as the movie of the year?
This movie took us to altogether different world of imagination! Yet, it appeared incredibly real. One could visualize the planet called Pandora, whose residents are humanoids, called Na’vi. The central character of Avatar is Jake Sully, and Neytiri is the main female character. Avatars are a hybrid of the Na’vi and human, which are created by the scientists of our earth to interact with Na’vi, the local inhabitants of planet Pandora.
The movie met with record success and has since gained millions of compliments from people around the world. Besides, the excellent graphics and bright appearances of the characters in the movie, the costumes worn by the actors in this movie, have also got a lot of appreciation from people. It seems, in some of the next Halloweens to come, Avatar Halloween costumes would be taking over all other costumes. Let us have a look on some of the great costume ideas from the movie called Avatar.
Neytiri Costume For girls, to dress up like the princess of the Na’vi, Neytiri, would be the best. The costume of this princess from planet Pandora features a dramatic bodysuit; this bodysuit comes along with a gauntlet, blue striped skintone, the gray apron, and beads. If you decide also to go for a wig and shoes like her, you are sure to steal the show.
Jake Sully Costume Boys can dress them up like citizens of the Pandora Planet, by picking up the costumes for Jake Sully. This costume comes with a pant, jacket, and a mask. For a complete Jake Sully look, you can also buy the accessories such as Jake Sully wig and the spear and the bow.